You are currently viewing New Roadmap Launch Update- AUMMCX Discloses the Best Part!

New Roadmap Launch Update- AUMMCX Discloses the Best Part!

We are excited to announce the best part of our project- AUMMCX Trading that we realized after achieving all user attention and essential feedback during the 2023 phases. Hence, we decide to launch our new roadmap that will pave the way to a successful year 2025. We are making things more beneficial for you, and the best is yet to come! Check out what we have for you!

AUMMCX Roadmap Update

Flamingo Trading Company has been working since 2021 as an account holding and trading tips provider in the domain of the MCX industry. Kickstarting the year with affordable, self-sustaining, and sophisticated commodity trading solutions and service providers in 2023, we have launched

After reaching a level where both the project and team are quite settled, attained major user contribution, and anticipated to offer major tactics in commodity trading, we are now ahead to plan and release multiple products to match up with the competition within 2025. Check out our exclusive and promising roadmap with much more than what you expected!

25th May 2023 — Reliable and trustworthy trading platform for investors and networkers alike.

10th July 2023

Integration of cryptocurrency to explore the overall platform worldwide

25th July 2023

Launch of our native coin at BSC BEP20 platform naming the asset- AUM Coin

10th August 2023

Launch of recharge services in our dashboard

10th November 2023

Planned Bangkok Pattaya Trip

15th December 2023

Great seminar in Dubai to collaborate with a Forex venture

This is not the end! We have much more to share and add up to this list of plans. So, wait patiently and join us in this journey of success, making the AUMMCX trading project a better and more potential one in the coming years.

This roadmap and sketch claim to deliver a “high ambition guideline” that we aim for our commodity sector and our company will eventually accelerate action to implement the best options within the supply chains. What’s needed is a firm commitment that we offer to you, being a transparent project and support team.








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