You are currently viewing AUMMCX Trading Project Is Here to Change Your Lifestyle!

AUMMCX Trading Project Is Here to Change Your Lifestyle!

AUMMCX Trading Platform
AumMCX trading platform intends to offer the best deals providing an ample range of commodities such as silver, gold, crude oil, copper, agricultural commodities, lead, and much more. This is a relatively new yet well-known project with potential for influencers and investors looking to explore the sector of MCX which comes in three streamlined margins intervened:
By joining AUMMCX, you can house around 200% returns with multiple trading opportunities to opt into designed pools that give you a standard organized projection purposely developed by professionals. You will also get a daily minimum of 0.8% returns and the team assure to automatically issue this amount to participants initiating feasible revenue generation.
AumMCX Business Plan
This platform emphasizes binary to evaluate, initiate, and offer the best rewards, deals and trading business plans to lead the growth on both sides- the customer and the project.
6% Regular
7% Binary for Rs.2,00,000 Left | Rs.2,00,000 Right Business
8% Binary for Rs.3,00,000 Left | Rs.3,00,000 Right Business
9% Binary for Rs.4,00,000 Left | Rs.4,00,000 Right Business
10% Binary for Rs.5,00,000 Left | Rs.5,00,000 Right Business

Only 1 Email and phone number are eligible to have 3 Ids.
Rs.100 is the minimum withdrawal amount
Rs.5000 is the maximum withdrawal amount
We offer 24×7 withdrawal opportunity with no restriction
Binary capping will remain the same as the package value
Only INR currency is valid
We have set the value of 1 AumMCX ID = 1 KYC
Only Bank Transfer, UPI and NEFT modes of payment are applicable to get your hands on any above-mentioned package.

contact: +91 99703 82372
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