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Key Trends of the Direct Selling Industry in 2022

The direct selling business is evolving in all directions. For more than 150 years, this business of compounding people has changed various life and the same will go on. Every year direct selling industry changes in some way and here we are going to discuss them.

This post is regarding the Top Key Trends of the Direct Selling Industry in 2022, which we will glimpse globally.

Brace yourself to understand these trends and know the industry in more pleasing ways.

So let’s move to the top 6 trends of the direct selling industry in 2022.

1. More Developing Nations

Direct Selling Industry

Unfortunately, the growth of the direct selling industry has slowed down in developed countries like the USA, meanwhile developing nations will keep the direct selling industry graph up.

People from developing nations like India, and Nigeria will show more active involvement. As there is a large growing population and unemployment, people will choose to become distributors of different network marketing companies and step on the ladder of success.

Many global MLM-giant will target developing nations to expand their business and generate more sales. Growing economics will increase their consumption which will eventually help the direct selling industry as well.

2. Women’s Dominance

Most nation believes in implementing women empowerment, especially developing nations. They want a more productive population to scale their country up.

Direct selling provides an earning opportunity for women of all ages, qualifications, and backgrounds. It also offers flexible working hours, which makes things easier for women, so they can manage family and professional life more efficiently.

Direct Selling Association facts sheet shows, there are 75% of industry members are women. Believing in developing nations, women’s involvement in direct selling will spike in 2022.

Women will contribute more and kitty-party networkers will raise their worth significantly.

3. Growth of Cryptocurrency based MLM

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic of interest and a new different world. In the past few years, we have seen many cryptocurrency-based MLM schemes. These schemes try to use blockchain technology with network marketing concepts to create different business models.

Although most of these schemes are money-circulation fraud (Ponzi or Pyramid schemes) like Onecoin.

We hope, that in 2022 there will be legitimate cryptocurrency-based MLM opportunities for netizens.

Meantime everyone should be aware of the fraud schemes as well. In 2022, fraud crypto-MLM schemes will also rise. Therefore understand the concepts before participating in any online opportunity you find.

Guaranteed high ROI and non-working incomes are red flags of scams. And MLM companies are not investment schemes.

4. Wellness and Personal Care Products

This key trend can be seen in the last few years. Most of the top network marketing companies are dealing in either wellness or personal care products. These products are high marginal and demanding.

Herbal and chemical-free products become the first choice of many families. Many direct selling companies have chosen to continue this idea, therefore in 2022 wellness and personal care products will be trending in the direct selling industry.

There will be many new companies launching products range in this segment.

5. Boom in Digital Networking

Digital Networks in the Data-driven Era | STL Blog

A direct selling key trend that is stimulated by the covid-19 pandemic is digital networking.

After the increase in the use of consumer technology and social media, direct sellers started online prospecting and building their business online.

But covid-19 pandemic set various nations on lockdown, therefor many newcomers were left with the only option of digital networking. This situation made many distributors achieve success while seating their homes.

In 2022 as well, digital networking will boom, and there are many leaders which are promoting digital networking.

6. It’s About Technology

Future technology in Healthcare Car Science next 10 Years : Coresumo Technologies

Technology has changed this world very fast. In the direct selling industry as well, technology is playing a major role. Distributors are more interested in doing digital networking compared to cafe meets. Technology saves time and money at the same time.

Not only limited to distributors, but direct selling companies are also highly dependent on technologies. From online stores to earning calculations, technology has made tasks easier for MLM company operators. Direct selling companies are managed by MLM Software and members operate the business on the same platform. Now MLM software is getting more efficient and affordable.

If you are also interested to use this technology and want to grow your own MLM Company, then obviously you will need technology-driven MLM Software.

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