Network Marketing Facts

network marketing

In the year 2019, a business of approximately $180.479 billion was processed by the direct selling industry. With a fantastic yearly sale of $35.21 billion, the USA became the worldwide leader in retail sales.

China on the other hand managed to make it to second place with a sale of $23.95 billion in the year 2019.
Korea made it to third place with revenue of around $17.68 billion from retail sales.

Further, the 4th and the 5th position were secured by Germany and Japan with $17.45 billion and $15.62 billion respectively and India is just earning 1% from networking marketing, it is just because in India people need the certification from the government then only they trust the company.

In the network marketing industry, there are many companies that do fraud but not all the companies
In India people do their jobs according to their level if the level doesn’t match they don’t prefer to do the things, the people are afraid of selling the things.

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